YOUR Class Reunion

This space is waiting for the next LHS Class that wants to post its Reunion Information HERE!


One of the main reasons the class of 1969 set up and funded this site, for a ten (10) year period, was to allow other LHS Classes of the 1960s/1970s era (classes of 1968 to 1980) to use the site as THE primary tool for announcing, promoting and organizing its class reunions. The site contains a wealth of features designed to help the "Reunion Committees" for each class set up, organize, promote and communicate with their classmates and other invitees.
Anyone wishing to make use of the site for this purpose can contact me directly at to discuss. We can set you up with a number of different access levels to allow you to use the site features that you like.
Of course, this concept will only work to its fullest if we can greatly expand the number of classmates from each class registered at the site. We should all encourage as many as possible to register, but be very judicious with our blanket or targeted class mailings so as not to be bothersome.
(I have not sent out a general message in over a year)


Dave Kinney, LHS Class of 1969